We Love!

This page shows off projects by others that we love and hope you will too. If you know of something you think we might like, get in touch and we’ll add it to our list.

University of Hull

Humber in a Box developer and PhD Student, John van Rij.

Minecraft Guru, Joel Mills iLearningUK  @iLearningUK

Using Minecraft to rebuild Hull’s architectural heritage, with Hull History Centre and Hannah Rice – HullCraft Heritage Engagement, Interpretation and Visualisation @hannahbeth_r

Minecraft and Chemistry with Molcraft

SEED Software and Hull Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE)

Cool “Geo Games”

University of Plymouth’s Lara Mani, using serious games to communicate volcanic risks – Volcano Gameplay @laramani14

Deltares University using games to train Levee inspectors – Levee Patroller

Immersive virtual Geology field trip from the University of Leeds  – Virtual Worlds Demo

Try your hand at Disaster Management with the Stop Disasters Game

List of games collected by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research’s Center for Science Education – Games and Simulations : Weather, Climate, Atmosphere

Cool People and Groups

British Society for Geomorphology – website @Geophemera 

Indie Developers – BetaJester @BetaJesterLtd

Cool branded Cardboard devices – VISR @VISRvr


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