Humber in a Box – TideBox Beta

The Humber in a Box application is designed to highlight issues around tidal flood risk and sea level rise. As seen in December 2013, those living on the banks of the Humber, and other estuaries around the planet, are at risk from tidal flooding. As we head towards 2100 we can expect sea levels to rise by around 1 metre, which will increase the risk of flooding further.

The Environment Agency and Local Authorities have detailed plans for how to mitigate the risk of this flooding, accounting for the predicted sea level rise, and computer models and simulations are a useful tool they can use to help them understand the areas most at risk.

Humber in a Box is based upon one such model and allows you to take control of the level of sea. Witness what happens when sea levels rise by 1 metre – you will see that it does not look much different, after all our current sea defences are designed to cope with this extra water above the normal tide. What about 10 metres? What happens if all the ice on the planet melted, raising sea levels by 74 m? Humber in a Box gives you the power, but thankfully you can take all the water back with a push of a button!

Can’t make one of our events, or want to have another go? You can try a demo of Humber in a Box at home with a VISR (or similar ‘Cardboard‘ device) and the video below.

Humber in a Box was the initial version of the software which we are hoping to develop into TideBox – a simulation looking at the the processes, development and management of tidal regions. We are looking for collaborators and support, so if you think you can help please get in touch.


10 thoughts on “Humber in a Box – TideBox Beta

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