About Us

Welcome to the home of the SeriousGeoGames Lab. Here we liked to play with all things Earth- or Geo- Science, and to bring that fun from the lab to the public. Our mission is to take cutting edge research, use to make exciting and interactive activities, to help people understand its importance for society and to increase our overall environmental resilience.


The SeriousGeoGames Lab was founded in 2014 by Dr Chris Skinner. Since then we have run our exhibits at events such as the Hull Science Festival, Hull Freedom Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, and the NERC Into the Blue Science Showcase. We have also run workshops for schools, and demonstrations for Open Days. It keeps us busy.

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One thought on “About Us

  1. Sergio Olivero

    Dear Mr. Knight,
    I read about the initiative “Flash Flood! – Environmental science in virtual reality” on http://www.preventionweb.net/news/view/52171 (Dr. Chris Skinner).
    SiTI is a body created by Turin Technical University, focused on applied research to create bridges between academic competences and Stakeholders’ needs. One of our main research areas is civil protection.
    In PRODIGE Project (www.pro-prodige.eu), a transboundary Italy-France initiative, we are developing innovative training tools for civil protection and civil defense operators, based on Virtual Reality (floods, fires, explosions, etc.).
    I think we may investigate possible scientific cooperation.
    Kind regards
    Sergio Olivero

    Dr. Sergio Olivero
    Head of Research Area
    Security and Business Models
    for Energy Networks and Infrastructures
    Via Pier Carlo Boggio, 61
    10138 Torino
    Tel +39 011 1975 1111
    Mobile: +39 335 12 73 521
    Email: olivero@siti.polito.it




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